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pdf Active Travel Policy Popular

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Fed Active Travel Policy.pdf

pdf Allegations of Abuse Against Staff

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Fed Allegations of abuse against staff 2017.pdf

pdf Anti-bullying Policy Popular

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Anti bullying policy Jan 2017.pdf

pdf Assessment for Learning (AfL)Policy

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this one AfL policy Sept 2015.pdf

pdf Asthma Policy

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amended Federated Asthma Policy Jan 2017.pdf

pdf Attendance Policy/Guidance Popular

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Fed Attendance policy Jan 17.pdf

pdf Best Value Statement Popular

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Best Value Statement June 2015.pdf

pdf Charging & Remissions Federated Policy Popular

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Federated charging and remissions policy Feb 2017.pdf

pdf Child Protection Policy Popular

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BandHChildProtectionPolicy Dec 2017.pdf

pdf Complaints Policy Popular

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Fed Complaints policy March 2017.pdf

pdf Confidentiality Policy Popular

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Fed Confidentiality Policy March 2016.pdf

pdf CPD Policy Popular

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FED CPD policy May 2017.pdf

pdf Early Years Policy Popular

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Federation EYFS policy June 2016.pdf

pdf English Policy Popular

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English Policy.pdf

pdf First Aid Policy Popular

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pdf Freedom of Information Act - Publication Scheme Policy Popular

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freedom of info June 2016.pdf

pdf Governor Visit Policy Popular

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Governor Visit Policy and Procedures May 2016.pdf

pdf Governors' Allowances Policy Popular

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Governor Allowances Schemes for Paying Policy.pdf

pdf Health & Safety Policy Popular

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Fed health and safety policy Nov 2017.pdf

pdf Internet Policy Popular

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FED internet March 2016.pdf