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Our Curriculum

We are a truly inclusive Federation community where the needs of all learners are met within a caring and stimulating environment.  We aim to inspire all staff and children to be lifelong learners and prepare our children for the future.  Our curriculum, underpinned by our aims, aspirations and the National Curriculum, is engaging and exciting. Within the Federation, there is a purposeful approach to learning, with clear expectations.

Our Federation’s curriculum promotes high achievement for all pupils, irrespective of background and starting points. We are committed to tackling disadvantage and creating an inclusive culture through whole school culture and engagement, ensuring fair access and equity, providing accurate pitch and progression, and supporting metacognition, growth mind-set, reflection and motivation. Our curriculum enables development of knowledge and skills. Progression of learning is visible through overviews and sequences of illustrated learning journeys which are exemplified within subject leaders’ portfolios. Approaches to learning consider the needs of all learners.  Parents and carers are challenged and supported to play a full role in learning. 

Our provision is underpinned by research in effective teaching practices, metacognition, self-regulated learning and how knowledge and understanding develops. These act as a guide for the consistency and distinctiveness of our school curriculum.


Please click on the link below to read our Curriculum Policy :

The Federation Curriculum policy