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Kinetic Letters Handwriting Curriculum 2021 2022


At The Federation of Bedenham and Holbrook Primary Schools, we follow a handwriting programme called Kinetic Letters. Using four main threads of Making bodies stronger, Learning the letters, Holding the pencil, and Flow and fluency, it enables children to develop legible handwriting that is produced quickly and automatically. With the development of automaticity, handwriting becomes a valuable tool in becoming confident writers.


We strive to ensure all our pupils achieve:

  • Fluent, legible and speedy handwriting that can be performed automatically, so that the attention of the brain is on the content of the writing.

  • The stamina skills to write at length with accurate spelling and punctuation.

  • A comfortable and efficient pencil hold and working position.


The children are introduced to Scared and Brave Monkey who help them to know where to start their letters.