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Resource Provision


Within our Resource Provision (Penguins class) at Bedenham Primary School, we have a supportive, friendly and caring environment which fosters warmth, sets clear boundaries and has high expectations for all. We have our own classroom and outdoor area, which are well-resourced. Our staff are highly skilled and led by an experienced senior teacher. In addition, we have an ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant) who works with each child during the week.

Alongside the national curriculum, we teach six developmental strands: boundaries, resilience, focus, respect, self-regulation and independence. This Six Strands approach empowers children and staff to use positive behaviours, emotions and relationships.

We have an ambitious, broad and relevant curriculum that is set around the individual needs of all children for both learning and behaviour.

There is the capacity for 12 children to attend our provision and each child has an Educational Health Care Plan for Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

We support all of our learners by:
• Including them in year group, whole school and Federated activities e.g. assemblies, educational visits, and celebrations.
• Actively teaching the Six Strands to enable positive behaviour strategies.
• Where mainstream access is a challenge, developing learning across the curriculum but particularly in reading, writing and maths.
• Planning opportunities alongside teachers and support staff for children to work in the mainstream classrooms with support.
• Working collaboratively with our children, their parents/caregivers and other professionals.
• Transition to secondary education, is effective and successful.