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The school day starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:15pm.  Children can enter school from 8.40am via their classroom doors. Children will be marked as late if not in registration by 8:50am and as unauthorised absence for the morning if after 9.05am.

Children should not bring mobile phones into school. If they are required for emergencies they MUST be handed in to the school office every morning and collected after school.

At Bedenham Primary School we:

  • value good communication between home and school
  • have an active Parents Association for social and fund raising activities
  • have the enhanced Healthy Schools Award (2014)
  • have the Youth Sports Trust Silver Quality Mark (2013-14)
  • are active members of Gosport Education Improvement Partnership (GEIP)


At the end of each school year, we give out some special awards for a variety of purposes. Click on the links to the right to find out more about this.

Growth Mindset at Bedenham: 
The growth mindset culture at Bedenham has helped both staff and children consider learning in a different way. The children understand that in order to learn they must be brave and make mistakes, and this allows them to tackle challenges they wouldn’t have attempted before.
We truly believe a fixed mindset is a huge barrier to learning. A mindset can be changed whatever the age of a person, but the younger the child is when a growth mindset is fostered, the better the child’s chance of success now and in later life.
At Bedenham we are currently working towards a learning culture where:
*Pupils have self-belief and know how to learn
*Teachers have high expectations and believe that ALL pupils can succeed
*Pupils know learning objectives and are involved in generating success criteria
*There is discussion about what good work looks like
*There is effective questioning
*There are talk partners and classroom discussion
*There is effective self, peer and teacher feedback.
What matters most, in terms of motivation, is whether we see ability as ‘fixed’  or ‘growth’ . Those with a ‘fixed’ mindset will only tackle tasks which they know, in advance, they will succeed at. Those with a ‘growth’ mindset will not only willingly tackle difficult tasks, but will actively thrive on them.
Our aim must be to develop a growth mindset for all our pupils, for ourselves and for all adults involved in working with the Bedenham children.