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Year 5 Youth Project

Gosport Youth Project.  – Wednesday 16th June 2021
On Wednesday 16th June, 6 members of Year 5 from both schools came together and travelled to Motive8 to discuss how the youth of Gosport feel about the area they live in and go to school in.
Minnie introduced herself and told us what the morning was going to be all about. We started with a quick game with “Yes” “No” questions. This was great fun: we were given a character and the team had to ask us questions to work out who they were but could only ask questions where the answer could only be yes or no! The next time we played, we could ask more probing questions. We learnt quite quickly that we needed to ask open questions to find out more details. This would be useful when we would be thinking of our questions late on.
After that, we looked at some cards and had to decide what we needed and what we wanted. These were very different, for example, we might want a DS but we need clean water; we might want holidays but we need good education. We discussed this before moving on to thinking about what we need in Gosport compared to what we want. We used these ideas to create open questions that we could ask other schools in Gosport.
The idea is to produce a questionnaire for the youth of Gosport to answer so that the borough will take all their ideas and suggestions into account when they decide about any further developments.
This is an exciting opportunity for us to have some input in the major decisions, about where we live, that the adults will be making.