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 Firstly – meet our Sports Captains: 


This year the school have been lucky and have chosen 28 sports captains. The sports captains were chosen after all the children applied for the position by writing letters saying why they would make a good leader and what sports they felt comfortable in leading.

The sports captains will have many job roles throughout the year including: running lunchtime clubs, leading lunchtime tournaments, leading warm ups and activities in their PE lessons, Running and organising festivals against other schools and most recently having leadership roles in their peers PE sessions around school.


Secondly meet our Sports Representatives:

This year due to the high quality of our sports captains we have decided to promote 5 of our captains to the new role of sports representatives. These children still have all the responsibilities that the captains have and are still part of our sports captain group, but also have more of a say in PE in school. The sports representatives meet with the sports co-ordinator to discuss the pupils view on PE and what the student body would like to see in the future at Bedenham.

Having these links with the student body will ensure that we can give all students at Bedenham a positive experience in PE and will highlight areas that we could improve on for the future.


Now meet our Sports Leaders:

This year we have 9 Sports Leaders. Due to the positivity coming from our sports captains and the great leadership qualities we have decided to offer a group of Year 3 & 4’s the opportunity to work alongside our sports captains in a similar role. These children will be able to learn from the current sports captains ready for the upcoming year. This will also allow them the chance to show their passion for sport and will give the sports captains a link with the Year 4 student body.


Please click on the links below to see all the different activities the children have participated in this year.

Dodgeball Festival – September 2018

Badminton Festival – September 2018

Archery Festival – October 2018

Netball Festival – October 2018

Federation Cricket Festival – October 2018

New Age Kurling Festival – November 2018

Tri Golf Festival – November 2018

Synchronized Dance School Golden Day – December 2018


Termly Sports Review

Please click on the links below to see what the children have been doing each term during their PE lesson.

Year 1 / 2 Year 3 / 4 Year 5 /6 Mrs Serridge
Autumn term Autumn term Autumn term Autumn 1

Autumn term 2

Spring term Spring term Spring term Spring term 1

Spring term 2

Summer term 1

Summer term 2


Olympian Visits

Ryan Raghoo:

Paralympic Long Jumper,

visited Bedenham in the Autumn term 2017/18.

Jack Andrew:

Olympic Decathlete,

visited Bedenham in Spring term 2017/18

Deji Tobias:

Olympic 100m Sprinter,

Visited Bedenham in Summer term 2017/18

Toby Olubi

Winter Olympic Bobsleigher

Visited Bedenham in Autumn term 2018/19


Tommy Ramdhan

Olympic 100m Sprinter

Visited Bedenham in Spring term 2019



Federation Football Write Up



Girls Federated Football Team

Federation Girls Football Write Up