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Date of Assessment: 17th January 2017


Holbrook Primary School exudes inclusivity in all areas of its provision, for the benefit of its diverse community. The leadership team, under the direction of the Executive Head and the Head of School, have very successfully conveyed their vision to all members of staff. They in turn, uphold the principle of striving for continual improvement, and aim for all types of learner to succeed.
The children are extremely proud of their school and recognise the lengths their teachers go to support them in their learning. They feel valued and respected, as one child explained: “I love this school and my teachers. They help you with your work and they are kind.”

The children are also proud of each other’s achievements, and in their own way, value the diversity, which is a feature of the school and at the heart of its culture. “Not everyone finds it easy to learn, but our teachers help everyone and I like coming to a school where everyone is not the same. Everyone is special here.”

Children behave very well and there is a calm and orderly ethos. Classrooms have a productive atmosphere and all adults are engaged in supporting the children’s learning, adhere to the school’s philosophy of respectful, caring and supportive relationships. There is truly a sense of purposeful activity, with all types of learner provided for, in relation to their learning and progress.
Parents hold the school in high regard and describe its effective communication. They are included in their child’s education as equal partners, impacting positively on the children’s ability to feel a sense of belonging. Parents find the school staff are approachable and they are able to raise concerns or ask questions with ease. They describe the staff as highly visible at the beginning and end of the school day, displaying a warm and welcoming manner.

The staff are dedicated and passionate about breaking down barriers to learning. Children are given access to a wide range of support mechanisms, under the leadership of the Inclusion Manager, in order that they can access all the school has to offer, and make progress. Analysis of data is rigorous in this respect, and the systems for tracking, combined with open and honest self-evaluation, all contribute to ever improving outcomes.

Holbrook is an average sized primary school, with 260 pupils on roll, serving the Bridgemary area of Gosport. The PAN for the school is 45, resulting in mixed age classes across the school in some year groups. The school federated with Bedenham in 2014. The area served by the school is diverse, with both numbers of pupils with SEND, and children who receive FSM at significantly above the National average. The school also has a Resourced Provision for 14 children with an EHCP, stating Speech, Language and Communication as a primary need. This is an asset to the school. Dedicated staff support the children in order that they make good progress with their targets, and also provide a source of expertise to the school as a whole.

Over the past two years in particular, the school has been through an intense period of development. The quality of teaching has significantly improved and there is evidence of improved attainment. Rapid improvements have been seen in outcomes in EYFS due to a focus on improving provision and the quality of teaching and assessment. Children joining the school are working significantly below national averages, but GLD in 2016 showed an improving trend and was 20% higher than the previous year, and gave evidence of good progress. Phonics in KS1 was also 20% higher in 2016, and the school met the progress floor targets in KS2. Attendance figures have also improved, and are now broadly in line with national averages.

The School Improvement Plan is sharply focused on outcomes, and swift action is taken in relation to any evidence that a child may be underachieving, and also links to the performance management of staff. The focus of improving teaching and learning through staff development has been maintained, to the benefit of all groups of children.

Senior Leaders have set high expectations and have developed a culture where a belief that all children can succeed, is prevalent. Phase Leaders and subject leaders, have gained ever increasing clarity about the strengths and areas for development in their particular area. This too has had a significant impact on the aim of raising attainment and achievement for all groups of children.
I therefore recommend that Holbrook Primary should be awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark, as it fully meets the criteria, and would like to thank them for their hospitality on the day of the assessment. I recommend that the school be awarded the Mark and be reassessed in 3 years’ time.

Assessor: Anita Watts
Findings confirmed by Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd:
Director of Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd