Welcome to
Holbrook Primary School


We keep a small supply of uniform in school, but it is (including cardigans and other logo printed items) now available to order online as well as from school (prices do vary though – so please be aware) – see below:

Click here to access the brigade uniform website to order online

At Holbrook, we aim to foster a feeling of community within our school.  We prefer all children to wear school uniform.  We believe that it is smart, it gives the school an identity and it gives the child a sense of belonging.

We believe that both staff and pupils should dress appropriately for the activities they are undertaking.

We know that the majority of our parents want their children to wear school uniform and we hope that all parents will support our dress code.

Our school colours are navy, grey and white as follows:

  • Shirts, polo shirts and blouses  White
  • Trousers (long or short)  Grey, navy blue or black
  • Skirts and pinafore dresses  Grey or navy blue
  • Jumpers and cardigans  Grey or navy blue
  • Sweatshirts  Grey or navy blue

In summer, girls may wear a blue check or striped dress.

Items of uniform should be in plain colours.

We have an attractive range of school clothing available from the school office and online as follows:

Sweatshirts £9.00 (24″ to 34″)
M to XL adult £10.50
T-shirts for P.E.£5.50
PE bags £1.10
Baseball caps £4.00
Book Bags £5.00

Parents are asked to send in a P.E shirt in the colour of their child’s house.  Red, Green, Blue or Yellow

We ask parents to name all school clothing so that we can return it to the owner if it becomes lost.

Code of Dress

We ask parents not to send their children to school wearing:

  • Jeans
  • Unsuitable shoes, e.g. high heels or flip flops
  • Clothes with slogans or pictures of pop stars etc. printed on them
  • Beachwear e.g. bermuda shorts
  • Sportswear e.g. football or cycle shorts, shell suits or tracksuits
  • Make up or excessive amounts of hair gel
  • Jewellery
  • Fashionable hair styles e.g. ‘cut away designs, mohicans’