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At the Federation of Bedenham and Holbrook Primary School, we welcome families from a variety of cultural backgrounds and celebrate all the languages spoken in the schools. You can find the ‘Translate’ button at the bottom of the website page which, will translate all the language on the website into the chosen language. Our aims for each child are as follows.
  • EAL pupils who are underachieving are quickly identified with actions put in place to address.
  • EAL pupils feel confident and supported in using their first language to support their learning.
  • All pupils have pride in their cultural heritage.
  • EAL pupils make at least good progress from their starting points through effective provision. 
  • Families of EAL pupils feel part of the school community and able to contribute.
  • Involvement of the wider multicultural community reinforces School and British Values.
  • Strong links with cluster schools ensures effective transition.